• National Model Food Testing Laboratory   
  • The Only National Food Testing Center in Fujian Province   
  • National QS Testing Laboratory for Foods   
  • National Agriculture Ministry Authorized Testing Laboratory for Non-social-pollution Agricultural Products   
  • Ministry of Commerce Appointed Station for Farm Produce   
  • Authorized testing laboratory of China Alcohol Certification Center   
  • Authorized Testing Laboratory for National Forage Certification

????Meat and meat products, aquatic and its processed products, cooking
    oil, drinks, vegetable products, fruit, preserved fruit, jelly, egg
    products, milk and dairy products, candy, sugar, condiment,bee
    product, instant food, cold drinks, cans, deep frozen flour, glazed
    fruit, cookie, biscuit, and bread, tea, healthy food£¬domestic
    fungus£¬food additive£¬forage and forage additive£¬have the ability
    to determine veterinary drug residues, pesticide residues, hormone
    residues, heavy metal residues, food additivities, microorganism,
    protein, Vitamins, amino acids in food, cosmetics and air purity.

    We are modern chemical analysis laboratory equipped with advanced imported
    apparatus, such as LC-MS-MS, LC-TOF-MS, GC-MS-MS, GC-MS, ICP-MS, Isotope mass spectrometry, Gel Electrophoresis, Ion Chromatograph, X-ray fluorescence, UPLC, GC, Real-time PCR system and Full auto system for appraising medicine reaction of microorganism and fast filtrating microorganism.

    China National Quality Supervision and Testing Center for Processed Food (NCPF) is a prefessional inspection institution for farm product and processed food, which belongs to General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China.
    We have formed a perfect quality management system in terms of ISO/IEC 17025 and achieved the accreditation of CNCA and CNAS. We can provide cilent
    and society with just scientific and precise testing service. Our center includes two testing base in Fuzhou and Jinjiang, and has more than 60 professional technical staffs of which 7 hold doctor's degree, 18 hold master's degree, 24 are professor senior engineers or senior engineers.

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